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The fight of our life - Rev. & Deacon Gary Pennington

Today the world is fighting an invisible and new enemy....a virus. Our weapons are simple, washing our hands, avoiding other people by watching where we go and keeping our distance from others. Sounds like our so-called experts have been reading God's instructions found in Leviticus on unclean things.

However, Church, we can take a lesson from what we are doing with this virus and apply it to our spiritual life. We are facing a greater enemy than this virus. An enemy that desires to take our soul or at the very least rob us of our joy, our witness, and our service to our Lord. Paul wrote in his letter to the Church in 1st Thessalonians that we have hope. Hope in a God that has not forgotten us. A God that has promised us that He is coming again, coming to claim His Bride.

In 1st Thessalonians 4, we see where some of the Saints thought that those that had died would not be going to Heaven. That the Lord somehow had forgotten those who had died or didn't have a plan that included those that were asleep. Therefore, Paul writes to inform and educate those then and us today that we the Redeemed of God are not forgotten and our Lord does indeed have a plan for His Children....for we are the Redeemed....a Child of The Almighty God. Rev. & Deacon Gary Pennington


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