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Our Pastor

Our Pastor

Chad Lambert became our pastor in March of 2013.  After serving as associate and youth pastor for a number of years and following the retirement of our lead pastor, Chad accepted God’s call to our church.

His Journey To Our Church

Pastor Chad felt a calling to preach at an early age and began living out that calling after graduating college. He was given opportunities to lead in youth ministry at a local church and preached God’s word throughout WV and VA.  After several years of this ministry (and now married), Chad publicly acknowledged his calling during an evening service at East End Baptist Church.  God began to use both Chad and Cindy in a variety of ways within the church, including associate pastor, youth pastor, and director of children’s programs.  Cindy envisioned and developed a drama team ministry that traveled throughout WV and parts of VA sharing God’s word with interpretative movement.


In 2013, Chad accepted a call from God and the church to become the pastor at East End Baptist Church. 

In 2017, East End Baptist Church envisioned growth and change within our community and a way was made possible by merging with College Avenue Baptist Church in south Bluefield.  These two churches merged to become one.

With a renovated facility in place, God is using his people to accomplish God size things.

Facts About Chad

Family:  wife: Cindy    children: Conner & Campbell

Favorite food:  anything Little Debbie makes

Favorite movie:  I fall asleep (I hope Cindy’s not reading!)

Favorite _______:  enough of this!

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