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"Normal" Again?-Deacon Kevin

I've asked this question a lot over the past month or so; is life ever going to return to normal?

I was reading an article the other day and after thinking about it for a while, my question changed. I began to ask; what is "normal" supposed to be? Do I really want "normal" again? We live in a world full of sin, is this "normal"? Well, sadly, it's become normal. However, it wasn't always like that:

God created man and placed him in the Garden of Eden. He named the man Adam, gave him a wife, and named her Eve. He placed them in the garden to dress and keep it. No doubt, this was the most beautiful place on earth and life was perfect in every way. No needs, everything was supplied. There was no shame because there was nothing to be ashamed of. Oh!!! That's right, there was no SIN!! Living like this had to become "normal" for Adam and Eve; it's the only life they had ever known. This is the life God intended for his creation.

Before long, this normal life of Adam and Eve was turned upside down. They disobeyed God and gave into sin. Along with sin came shame, pain, jealously, murder, disease, famine, and a host of other trials and tribulations. The Lord stopped the land from freely giving up its rewards, so man had to work to earn his keep. Does all this sound familiar? It should. This brought on "our" normal life.

So I ask myself that question again; is life ever going to return to normal? It's not just a simple yes or no answer, it's a choice we all have to make, it's really up to each of us.

I want the parts of my life like gathering together with my church family and worshiping God to return to normal. Finger food night at church, visiting the sick, visiting with friends, playing gospel music with the group, sitting down in a restaurant and eating, watching live sports, beach vacations, all these are normal in my life and I want all of them back. The parts of normal I could do without is all the things in my life that are displeasing to God. Sin, Thoughts, deeds, laziness in my walk with the Lord, that's the part of normal I don't want to return to.

What about other people? Are you satisfied with your "normal"? This pandemic has brought many different types of pain and suffering along with it, not just sickness and death. I pray that during these troubling times lost people from all walks of life will see their need for a Savior and give their heart to Jesus. I pray that through this we all begin to remove things in our life that are displeasing to God. I pray our churches will become full of people, not just on Sunday morning, but Sunday and Wednesday evenings too. I hear a lot of people talking about a "new normal" in the future for all of us. This would certainly be a great "new normal" to return too!!

Can we get back to the life that God intended for us to live? The "normal" that Adam and Eve once enjoyed? Sadly, according to God's word, the answer is no, this world will wax worse and worse. However, God will not accept this as an excuse from his people to be lax in their service to Him. Time has proven that positive change reverses adverse effects. We can change what has become normal to a new normal, one that is very pleasing to God. We can change other people’s life by changing our own.

Is life ever going to return to "normal"? I sure hope not!

Deacon Kev Loves Ya!


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