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My basketball is flat… 5/23/2020 07:55 AM

The weather is perfect, a slight breeze, sunshine and the temperature is right where it’s supposed to be. On days like this, something stirs inside of you, an eagerness to go, start or finish a project. It’s on days like this our eyes are open to see more than you normally would. It’s a funny thing to experience how the heart and the eyes seem to walk together.

It’s on a day like this my son noticed the basketball goal. The same basketball goal that has been there on all of the other days when the weather is not so perfect. When the heart and the eyes walk together, you do notice more of what is around you. His words to me, “where is the basketball?” After a lot of thinking, talking and searching, we found what we were looking for except this basketball had a slight problem. The ball was flat and you couldn’t use it in this shape. No matter how much you tried to dribble, shoot or pass we were experiencing more frustration than joy. It changes your mood to have everything appear to be right and one thing go wrong. Our heart goes from excitement to frustration and even to anger. What a roller coaster of a day, a mixed bag of feelings, all while the rest of our surroundings is perfect. It’s a funny thing to experience how the heart and the eyes seem to walk together.

Life is a lot like this basketball. We have all kinds of emotions. We all have days where something inside of us stirs with an eagerness and excitement only to become focused on one thing that seems to change all of the other good things in our life. One thing that catches our eye, draws us to it only to experience a roller coaster of emotions. Life has a tendency to go wrong, to change, and to go flat. You may be asking how can I stay grounded in this life? Who can I turn to that will keep my eyes and my heart walking together?

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I am thankful today that we serve a savior who does not change. No matter what we “feel” when the weather (life) is perfect or what changes our mood out of frustration, we serve a savior who is always the same. We could use some consistency in our lives. It’s a funny thing to experience how the heart and the eyes seem to walk together. Let’s keep our eyes on Him and watch and feel how our heart stays consistent.

Until we see each other again

Pastor Chad


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