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I’m dying my hair 3/19/20 11:50 AM

That statement really takes on meaning if you have seen me. For those that haven’t, I am…how do you say it…my hair is not exactly…”dyed”. As you can see, I have been lost in thought. I was thinking if we are going to be separate from each other for any amount of time, I should make my big change now. Maybe I dye my hair, start over and go big. At least I will be comfortable with my “look” before you call me out or talk about it. Social distancing can be a positive in my life. How? For starters, distancing gives me time to think.

Social distancing can be a great altar call. The part of the service when you are given the time to think. Since we are being encouraged to implement social distancing, why not take this time to think about a big change in your life. Something much more than your outer appearance. Ask yourself, what is it about me that I would like to change before I begin to live a “normal” life again?

· Will this change be obvious?

· Will I be called out?

· Will it be something that gets others talking?

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says

There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven:

Wisdom is about proper timing. Let’s be wise. Let’s take advantage of social distancing and decide together to change ONE thing. A noticeable change that gets people talking!

Should I tell you if I am really dying my hair? Nah…that would take the anticipation and fun out of seeing you again. I can’t wait to see how you have changed.

Until we see each other again

Pastor Chad


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