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A Devotion of Assurance- Deacon Kevin

For most of us the past couple weeks has been like nothing we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime. As we watch our local and national news networks, we see panic and fear unfolding. We are seeing businesses closed, forcing people out of work and without paychecks. We see empty shelves where food, water and other essentials of life that we’ve become dependent upon should be. Our healthcare providers face shortages of much needed supplies, and remain on the front lines. Churches are cancelling services, not because of fear, but instead, using the knowledge that God gave us to notice danger and to act accordingly. Every day something changes, seemingly for the worse, and leaves us wondering, “To what end”?

For some, as days turn into weeks and weeks into months, these events may bring on fear, discouragement, depression, or anger. Each of these emotions lead us into a weakened state of faith. For others, their faith will certainly be tested and they may struggle, but they will continue to embrace their faith and seek to grow closer to God as He provides for the challenges that lie ahead.

Our Baptist Faith and Message teaches us about one of the most incredible attributes of God, the fact that He is sovereign. This means that He has supreme and absolute control and authority over the entire universe and everything in it. (Eph. 4:6) There is one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all. If God is over all and in all, then nothing happens that is not of His direction and permission. As Christians, we have a personal relationship with Him; He cares about our personal lives and the details of it. Even in situations that seem painful and wrong, He promises His children that good will come of it if we love the Lord. (KEEP THE FAITH)

In times of fear, hardships and uncertainty, how do you see the Lord? Remember, He is in control.

As a Church Family, let's see His sovereignty! Focus on His sovereignty will give us clarity and confidence that His word is true and faithful. Keep the promises of His word in your hearts and minds. Meditate on His unlimited power over all things and His unmerited favor that He bestows on His people as we carry on as “The Church”.

Your Pastor and Body of Deacons love you and are here to serve!


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