• Instruct sick employees, volunteers, and guests to stay home; (please be cautious)


  • Practice physical distancing by maintaining appropriate distance (at least 6 feet) between people;


  • Maintain good hygiene by washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, using your elbow to cover coughs, and not touching your face; (hand sanitizer stations are located at each entrance)


  • Implement environmental cleanliness and sanitation practices; and


  • Clean and disinfect work areas frequently. (teams will be assigned to top and bottom floor)


  • Add additional service times to facilitate proper distancing. (not an option at this time)


  • Ensure all attendees sanitize their hands and put on a mask or face covering before entering the building. (please bring a mask or one will be given to you as you enter the building – mask should be worn for the entire service)


  • Equip ushers and greeters with gloves and masks.


  • Encourage all attendees who are 65 and older to stay home and watch the services online or provide a “senior service” exclusively for attendees 65 and older to attend in person. (senior only service not an option at this time)


  • Ask all attendees who have an underlying at-risk health condition to stay home and watch the services online. 


  • Restrict seating to every other pew. (you will be seated by a deacon as you enter the sanctuary)


  • Ensure attendees sit with their immediate family unit, use physical distancing between each unit. (family unit = those who live in same home)


  • Dismiss attendees by family unit in order to maintain physical distancing. (wait to be dismissed)


  • Sanitize seats and frequently used surfaces between services. (teams will be assigned to top and bottom floor)


  • Consider keeping childcare closed, unless the place of worship can comply with CDC guidelines for childcare facilities. (phase 1 does not include any nursery, children or youth activities)


  • Consider refraining from passing collection plates and instead provide a central collection box or encourage online giving. (offering plates are at back of church at double doors)


  • Consider how the sacraments can be administered without attendees having to touch the same surfaces and objects. (we do not have anything “scheduled”)                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Consider travel and exposure – with the recent spike in cases due to travel please monitor the situation and self-quarantine as needed or recommended. Exposure to someone with symptoms would also require self-monitoring and quarantine (please make this a priority – we are counting on you – please let us know if you are missing worship for these reasons)

College Avenue Baptist Church                         

1908 Jefferson Street

Bluefield, WV  24701


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