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I’ve hit the wall… 7/16/2020 09:43 AM

When I reach the point of not feeling like I can do anymore, I find myself saying. “I’ve hit the wall.” It wouldn’t matter the size of the wall I’ve hit, what I’m feeling says I can’t do anymore. Walls hurt when I hit them and they separate me from where I need to be and who I need to be with.

In John 21:7-17 we find Peter standing before Jesus with all of his guilt, shame, brokenness, dysfunction & discouragement. Did Jesus scold him? Give him the parent look or sigh? No, He invited him to breakfast, probably a silent and awkward one at that. Peter had built a wall between himself and His savior. The weight of his feelings left him silent…I can’t do anymore.

Words do not define a breakthrough. When I am at a loss for words I am right where God wants me to be…when He is dominating the conversation…I am right where God wants me to be…When I simply listen…I am right where God wants me to be…

Jesus doesn’t “attack” Peter over his failures, He gives him grace & recovery; redemption & reconciliation; a second chance; rescue from himself and his discouragement. Peter’s sin (failures) has already pushed him down, he needed a moment with the Savior who would pick him up. Sounds a lot like me when I’ve hit the wall.

Where are you turning when you hit a wall? Binge watching tv (Netflix; Disney+; friends who tell you exactly what you want to hear; drugs, alcohol, suicide)…you will get no answer from these areas. Today can be the day you finally break through the wall. What if you realized that God can do something amazing in your life, right where you are, right at the wall you’ve hit.

The struggle we experience is evidence that we desperately need Jesus. No life is too far gone, Jesus can take any life at any stage and make it a trophy of grace. If you live knowing a breakthrough is imminent, your outlook will be forever changed! I’ve hit the wall and I’m learning it’s a good place to be.

Until we ALL see each other again

Pastor Chad


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