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Hope is the gasoline for life 4/16/20 01:18 PM

Gas makes the engine run. It doesn’t sink in until your tank is empty and your gas can is dry. You’re always hoping you have enough.

I, like you, am experiencing my first stay at home order and my first experience with social distancing. My routines are no longer routine. I can’t remember what day it is, my eating and sleeping patterns are much different and the reality of it all is sinking in. I’m a people watcher, so during this time the only people I’ve been watching are the three others in this house! You can learn a lot by watching people and over the past several weeks I’ve learned a lot more about the people I’m living with. For instance, my son has gone about life much like he did before the stay at home order. He’s as hopeful as he’s ever been. My daughter seems restless, eager to return to what is normal for her but is creating new routines along the way. My wife? Yea I’ve seen some things too. She is a lot like our daughter or maybe our daughter is a lot like her. They are both anxious, restless & desiring to return to the way things used to be. They have created new routines and are constantly talking about what to do next. Remember my statement about gas making the engine run? While I’ve been watching these people (called family), the Lord reminded me that everything needs something to make it run. Engines need gasoline, grills need propane, fire needs wood and people need hope.

I keep watching and questioning their words, “what to do next?” As silly as it sounds, what comes next gives them hope. Hope keeps them going (and going and going and…). I am thankful for the time I’ve been given with my family and I’ve learned a lot from watching them. My hope is that as I watch for “what comes next”, I too learn how to create “routine” when things aren’t routine. What our family wants is hope. Speaking of hope, God’s word gives us hope that keeps the engine of life running.

Psalm 130:5

I wait for the Lord; I wait and put my hope in his word.

Let’s make His word part of our new routine. Will you wait on the Lord and put your hope in his word? Don’t keep hoping you have enough. You may not realize it until you’re empty and dry. Hope is the gasoline for life and gas makes the engine run.

Until we see each other again

Pastor Chad


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